Tossing and turning all over a bed can be a nuisance. Staring at a ceiling for hours instead of sleeping is not healthy. Lack of sleep can affect how one an individual will be during the day. It can lead to depression and anxiety. Quality sleep is very important to ensure that one is able to concentrate once he or she wakes up. There are various solutions for better night sleep which include:

  1. Sleeping in a cool room can help in improving one’s quality of sleep. Metabolic processes happen less rapidly when room temperature is cool. Low temperatures lead to the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps in inducing sleep. Wearing fewer clothes also lowers body temperature. This helps in promoting the circulation of air thereby promoting faster sleep.
  2. Always avoid lights when trying to sleep. Lights keep the brain awake. Even dim lights can still make the brain to stay awake and continue thinking. All lights should be completely turned off in order for an individual to have better sleep.
  3. Noise usually makes it very uncomfortable to sleep. Hooting cars, noisy neighbors and loud music systems can all frustrate a person when he or she wants to sleep. It is therefore important for one to shield noises for better sleep. Wearing earplugs can help if one lives in a noisy neighborhood.
  4. Exercises during the day can help to achieve better sleep. Exercises exhaust the body. Energy is used up during exercises. The body usually needs the need to relax. A cold shower and rest can help induce quality sleep after one is done with exercises.
  5. Having a relaxed mind can help one fall asleep. Worries will affect the body’s moods and keep the brain alert. It is therefore important for an individual to have a clear mind that will promote relaxation. This, in turn, will lead to better quality sleep.
  6. Using gadgets while trying to sleep will end up making an individual stay awake. Gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and televisions should be avoided if one wants to sleep. Light emitted from these gadgets keeps the brain awake. They will end up leaving one sleepless for a longer time.
  7. Avoid consuming stimulants before you go to bed. Cigarettes contain nicotine which acts as a stimulant to the body. Drinking coffee has the same effect as smoking cigarettes. Caffeine that is contained within coffee acts as a stimulant.
  8. An individual should ensure that his or her nose is not congested when going to sleep. Nasal congestion can inhibit sleep. Breathing through the nose will help an individual sleep better as compared to breathing through the mouth. For an individual who is experiencing such congestion, nasal decongestion sprays should be used to unblock nasal airways.
  9. Deep breathing while in bed promotes relaxation. Techniques of breathing such as those used during yoga can be applied to ensure that one’s body is calm. This helps in promoting better sleep since the body’s nervous system is relaxed.
  10. If lack of sleep continues for a long time, it may be wise to visit a doctor. For individuals who have partners that snore, it may be very difficult to sleep at times. Such couples should visit doctors and be advised on the way forward. Doctors will be able to recommend procedures such as therapies or exercises that may help in promoting better sleep.

There are various solutions that can be adopted to ensure that an individual has better sleep. Quality sleep is very important for the body. It does away with fatigue that comes from lack of sleep. Quality sleep is also useful in the prevention of chronic illnesses such as heart diseases.


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