How much is a high-quality bed comforter going to cost you? Before we can answer that question, you need to make a couple of decisions.

Decision 1 – The Comforters Filling

This is the decision which is going the have the most impact on your price. You have several options to consider.

Cotton Filling – A cotton filled comforter will be reasonably priced. It provides good warmth and the cotton allows for good breathability.

Polyester/Synthetic Filling – If you are on a tight budget, this will be your option. Synthetic-filled comforters are cheaper, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. They stand up well to repeated washings, provide good warmth, and look nice.

Down Filling – Your price just jumped up a significant amount, but for a good reason. Down-filled comforters are warmer and maintain value better than other cheaper options.

Goose Down – Now we hit the pinnacle of comforter filling. The price just skyrocketed, but so did the comfort level and value.

Decision 2 – Outer Fabric

We run into the same type of questions when it comes to the fabric used on your new comforter. Luckily, the fabric choice does not affect the price a severely as the filling. You can choose from these types of fabrics:

  • 100% Cotton
    • Cotton-Blends
    • Polyester
    • Sateen
    • Fleece
    • Nylon

There are many other choices, but those are the most common. Cotton and cotton-blends provide the best comfort with their natural feel and breathability. Usually, the choice of fabric is made due to style, not due to overall comfort.

Price Ranges for Bed Comforters

Let’s take a quick look at pricing on a few common combinations to give you an idea of how much you will spend.

Down Filled Comforters

Down-filled comforters are going to be our most expensive option. You are probably going to be shocked by the wide range of prices. Here are 3 examples:

$1250 – Lacozee by DownTown Company Hermitage Down Filled Comforter – This is a comforter meant for kings and queens. It is filled with 95% white goose down. The outer fabric is an 800 thread count made from a unique wood cellulose thread. The fabric is soft, brilliantly white, and will last for generations. The comforter is made with 15” baffle areas encasing the down in tiny pillowy sections.

$500 – Bloomingdale’s My Luxe Comforter – This mid-range priced goose down comforter looks less elegant and feels just a little less special, too. It is filled with European white goose down but does not provide the thickness of the Locozee. It uses a 370 thread count outer cover using batiste. It still provides great comfort and warmth, but not the luxury of the Lacozee.

$129 – ROSECOSE Luxurious All Seasons Goose Down Comforter – This budget comforter is priced at just 10% of the cost of the Lacozee, but offers great features. It is filled with goose down, but not as high of quality of the other two comforters. It features a 1200 count cotton outer. It provides extreme comfort, good looks, and has a budget price.

Cotton, Polyester, and Fiber Filled Comforters

If you are looking to save money and still get a great looking comforter, you should consider one of these options for your filling. It will save money and still keep you warm. Here are a couple of options to illustrate the point:
$59 – HOMFY Premium Cotton Comforter – This comforter looks very similar to the Bloomingdale’s but is almost a tenth of the price. The difference is in the fabric and filling. The HOMFY comforter features natural cotton fill along with a soft cotton cover. It provides great warmth and breathability, but at a very low price.

$26 – Basic Beyond Down Alternative Comforter – No, you did not read that wrong. This cheap comforter costs under $30 and still provides great looks and comfort. What makes it different is the fill. It uses a microfiber (synthetic) fill to keep you warm. The outer cover is made of polyester. As you can guess, this does not provide as good of breathability. The synthetic materials make this comforter easier to clean than both the down and cotton options.

You are probably seeing why we said the price of your comforter is up to your decision. You can find a bed comforter price under $30 to over $2000, depending on the filling material and fabrics used. Which option are you going to choose?


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