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The core documentation for DBIC can be found in POD, the standard for Perl documentation. This can be accessed through a nu of channels, including the perldoc utility and online on the CPAN website.

Articles & Presentations

Title Type Date
Perl School: Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class Slides July 01, 2014
SQL for accountants: understanding the beast via SpreadSheets Video June 24th, 2014
DBIx::Class - The Perl ORM (slides) Video and slides June 24th, 2014
DBIx::Class the whirlwind overview Video June 22nd, 2012
DBIx::Class (aka DBIC) for beginners Video February 21st, 2012
InflateColumn::File vs. InflateColumn::FS Article May 24th, 2009
Reports with DBIC and Postgres Article May 23th, 2009
Using DBIx::Class to Version Your Schema Article May 17th, 2009
Introduction to DBIx::Class and Catalyst Video February 26th, 2009
Catalyst, DBIx::Class and Postgres Slides ?
DBIx:Class Masterclass Video August 2008
DBIx:Class Masterclass Slides ?
Tags and search and DBIx::Class Article October 26th, 2006